The Da Costa School is a Protestant Christian primary school in The Hague. A small school with a pleasant atmosphere and great enthusiasm. We strive to provide a safe and child-friendly ambiance with clarity and structure. We follow the Christian values and standards, in which respect and responsibility towards each other are key.

The Da Costa School is open to everyone who shares our values in life and work. Our education isn't neutral, but concerned with humanity and the world. This is expressed in the way we interact and communicate with each other, in the atmosphere at school and our choice of learning materials.

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Protestant Christian

The Christian identity is based on faith in God and in the Bible. That consists of a number of basic principles: people deserve appreciation, people are born to live in freedom, people may depend on God. We want to provide an open environment for every individual, while respecting each others contribution.

Every day we discuss topics that shape the worldview of the child. Following current events or Bible stories from the "Trefwoord" method, we engage in discussions with the students so that they can develop their own worldview.

Furthermore, our school is open to people from other than Christian backgrounds, both religious and non-religious. In our education, this is reflected in the attention we give to world religions, e.g. in the curriculum in the upper classes, but also in excursions to places of worship of other religions. The "Trefwoord" method also regularly pays attention to stories, customs and celebrations from other religions. As a school, we support the value of social connections and new encounters, in which students get to know themselves and each other, so that they can develop into world citizens.

Advanced class

Our school has an advanced class. The city’s policy plan describes the target group for an advanced class as follows; the intellectually (highly) gifted students who are able to receive adequate education in a regular school setting, but at the same time explicitly desire an additional challenge and enrichment outside of the regular setting. The goal is to provide time and opportunity twice a week for students from group 5 and up who are eligible, according to our carefully drafted protocol. This protocol helps us streamline the support of the gifted student. In addition, this protocol ought to provide clarity internally and to you as a parent.

Remedial teaching

At our school we offer remedial teaching as an option to provide additional support to your child in their development and learning. We offer remedial teaching both individually and for students with similar needs, in small groups. Remedial teaching primarily focuses on students in group 1 to 5.

Individual help is primarily intended for those students who have a learning disability in a specific functional domain, i.e. students whose learning performance lags behind that of students of their age and intellectual capability.

Students with concentration difficulties are also eligible for individual support. The same applies to students with underdeveloped motor skills. Ms. S. Latenstein is our remedial teacher.


Language, reading and arithmetic are the key learning areas in our education. These are basic skills that shape and drive all further development. That is why our school emphasizes these subjects. In our school we use modern teaching methods. These methods are selected in such a way that all children receive the basics.

Even more important than the methods used by a school are the people who work there. They are the ones you have entrusted your child to. They ensure that the materials and textbooks are used sensibly. The team members do not work in isolation but put much effort in collaborating and consulting with each other.

Society is ever-changing and so is education. We follow new developments closely and an important part of our resources are invested in refresher courses each year.

The quality of a school depends on the people who work there and how they work. And if there’s one thing all Da Costa School team members agree on, it’s that we work hard in a positive ambiance.